Sap Tm Freight Agreement Exclusion Rule

SAP TM integrates orders and orders from SAP S/4HANA and other ERP systems. In addition, it allows the manual entry of transport orders. Downstream processes are initiated automatically and generate the relevant needs, as in the case of transport planning. Through efficient order and process management, unnecessary freight costs can be eliminated, high service levels and customer satisfaction can be sustainably increased. Manual and automated planning and optimization tools will help you identify the best resources and routes and select cost-optimized carriers. The combination of inputs and outputs and multi-site planning processes creates additional synergies and significantly reduces freight costs. Check the profitability of your transport as soon as you receive orders. The integrated identification of freight costs forms the basis for invoicing, rebooking provisions and checking incoming invoices in the event of subcontracting. Freight contracts, tariff schedules and necessary rules can be managed in SAP TM. Integration with SAP ERP enables automatic invoicing and payment of input invoices according to the credit procedure. Freight sourcing and distribution are key competitive drivers in supply chain management. Low transport costs and the guarantee of reliable transport services play an increasingly important role for shippers and logistics service providers. SAP TM helps you predict future transportation needs and negotiate optimized freight rates with customers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

Please copy this integration script and insert it where you want to integrate SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) as part of the Supply Chain Execution Platform (SAP SCE), which is currently the most advanced transportation management software solution on the market. It helps companies manage the exchange of goods efficiently, quickly and accurately. SAP TM meets the requirements of logistics service providers, carriers and shippers. SAP Transportation Management supports all transportation processes, from planning, consolidation and optimization to execution and invoicing in a comprehensive interprofessional solution. SAP TM integrates seamlessly with other business processes (e.g. B integration with SAP EWM and EM) and enables working with external business partners and process parties through web-based portals and B2B interfaces. Procurement and transportation processes with SAP TM master and optimize SAP TM also offers additional optimization potential in the business field for large companies and groups.