Rng Offtake Agreement

The NR is the fastest way to reduce transportation emissions in the regions that need it most. U.S. Gain is rapidly expanding its portfolio of RNG supplies through a diversified approach, including purchase agreements, financial support and capital investments, and says it is “constantly looking for new opportunities for project cooperation.” U.S. Gain proudly announces the conclusion of a renewable natural gas (RNG) purchase agreement with Holsum Dairies in Hilbert, Wisconsin. The RNG produced is brought to customers in U.S. Gain`s fleet in California and outwews nearly 900,000 gallons of gasoline. In the United States, U.S. Gain, a leading company in the development, supply and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG), has entered into an agreement to purchase renewable milk-based RNG from Brightmark Energy LLC. Holsum Dairies consists of two separate farms (Elm Dairy and Irish Dairy) with fermenters that extract animal waste to produce methane that will then be transformed into CNG. Irish Dairy`s raw iron gas is piped to a central packaging plant at Elm Dairy, where it is cleared of contamination to produce RNG.

The RNG is then injected directly into the pipeline via a connection installed by Holsum Dairies. In addition to RNG, the anaerobic fermentation process also produces organic nutrients and animal bedding materials that can be used or sold by the farm. . U.S.. Gain has extensive experience in regulatory programs that enable the generation of environmental credits when distributing RNG as a transportation fuel, including with the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the Oregon Sanitation Program (CFP). This experience, combined with our relationships with committed parties, allows the U.S. to monetize gain to monetize lace credits and generate favorable returns for all project partners,” said Bryan Nudelbacher, Director of Business Development at U.S. Gain. Once RNG is produced and injected into the pipeline, it can be used as an alternative fuel or as a renewable energy. In this case, U.S. Gain will bring Holsum Dairy`s RNG to fleets in California and Oregon looking for affordable emissions reduction strategies to support policy and sustainability goals. U.S.

Gain also coordinates the necessary compliance by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to enable the generation of credits for the transferred RNG. “RNG offers a diversification strategy that benefits our business,” said Bob Nagel, owner of Holsum Dairies. “We can benefit not only from the continued use of our fermenter, but also from the valuable by-products as part of the process…