Revocation Of Representation Agreement

An alternative to changing your contract is to revoke it (ultimately). You can then enter into a new representation agreement that reflects the desired changes. If your agreement allows your representative to deal with routine financial matters for you (for example. B the payment of your bills or the payment of your pension income), then the law requires you to appoint a monitor if the representative you have chosen is not your spouse or credit union, a trust company or the public custodian and agent. However, if you elect two or more representatives who must make unanimous decisions on these financial matters, or if you consulted a lawyer or other prescribed person when you approved, you are not required to appoint a monitor. (c) the establishment, use or revocation of a representation contract or any change to a representation agreement are clearly inconsistent with the wishes, values, beliefs or current interests of the adult who has entered into, revoked or amended the agreement, the Representation Agreement Resource Centre has an online registry called Nidus Registry in which you can register your mandate or permanent representation arrangement if you wish. The fee is $25.00 for installation and first registration and $10.00 for each new registration. You can sign up by visiting on the Internet or asking your family or friends for help. You can also call the Nidus Registry and Resource Centre for help when registering. His phone number is 604-408-7414. 12 (1) An adult who issues a representation contract containing a provision approved in paragraph 7, paragraph 1, paragraph b) must designate in that agreement as a custodian a person who meets the requirements of the subsection (4), unless the adult is aware that the agreement or amendment or revocation of a retraction that the representative, decisions or decisions concerning the adult; You can change or revoke (revoke) your representation contract at any time if you are able to do so.

You should review your representation agreement at least once a year to ensure that it continues to meet your wishes and to take into account all decisions that must be made on your behalf and that those representatives remain willing and able to be your representative if necessary. 2. Where a representation agreement or provision is not effective or invalid, the exercise of the power conferred on the agent by the agreement is valid and binding in favour of a person who did not know and had no reason to believe that the agreement or provision was not effective or invalid. You must communicate your decision in writing in a notice of revocation. You must provide a signed and dated copy of the retraction information: is considered to be executed as if Section 35 of the Adult GuardianShip Statute Amendment Act, 2001 was in effect at the time of the contract`s performance.