Parkland County Collective Agreement

1.5 The implementation of this collective agreement does not lead to a teacher currently employed earning less than the salary calculated under a previous collective agreement, unless TEBA and the association have agreed to it. b) Training years 2 and 3 are removed from the collective agreement effective September 1, 2017. All teachers currently receiving an annual salary in the C2 and C3 categories will be appointed in the fourth year (category C4) at the closest stage of the teacher`s current annual salary, but no less than the teacher`s current annual salary. If this step in the grid is not C4 MAX, the teacher is allowed to move the network based on the steps of the experiment. 11.2.2 Subject to the conditions of insurance policies for social insurance agencies, teachers on maternity, adoption or parental leave may, through school justice, arrange to pay 100% of the benefit premiums provided under the collective agreement for up to 12 months. 15.9 Representatives of TEBA and the association meet within 15 days of operation to discuss the difference or at a later date, which is consensual for both parties. By mutual agreement between TEBA and the association, representatives of the school jurisdiction concerned by the difference may be invited to participate in the discussion on difference. 2.1 The duration of this collective agreement is from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2018. Unless otherwise stated, this collective agreement is fully applicable until August 31, 2018. 1.3.1 has the exclusive power to bargain collectively with TEBA on behalf of all teachers in the bargaining units and to engage teachers in each collective agreement with respect to the core concepts; 1.4 School justice reserves all administrative rights, unless the express provisions of the collective agreement mean otherwise. 3.2.2 The total number of years of teacher training and the years of learning calculated according to this agreement together determine the basic salary for each teacher employed in the school court.