List Of Aia Agreements

The AIA G801-2017 document will be used by an architect when informing an owner of additional services in accordance with the AIA`s owner/architect contracts, such as B101-2017. The G801-2017 replaces aIA Document G801-2007, a release to amend the professional service agreement. The AIA C196-2008 document is a standard form of agreement between a single assignment unit (EPS) and a project owner, the “owner member.” C196-2008 is intended to be used in a project in which participants formed the EPS using the document AIA C195-2008, Standard Form Single Purpose Entity Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. C196-2008 is coordinated with C195-2008 to implement the principles of integrated project implementation, including achieving mutually agreed objectives. C196 contains the conditions under which the owner member funds the EPS in exchange for the design and construction of the project. The EPS provides for the design and construction of the project through separate agreements with other members, including an architect and site manager, using C197-2008, the standard form of the agreement between the single-use unit and non-proprietary member for integrated project delivery. SPE may also enter into agreements with non-member design advisors, specialized contractors, suppliers and suppliers. The AIA G810-2001 document allows for an orderly flow of information between the parties involved in the design and construction phase of a project. It serves as a written mailing log for the exchange of information about the project and serves as a checklist that reminds the sender to communicate to the recipient what exactly is being sent, how the material is sent and why it is sent. AIA Document C422-2018 provides the consultant`s range of services and other terms relevant to a specific service contract. It is intended for use when the architect and advisor have entered into a master contract that sets out the terms and conditions applicable to all service contracts. C422-2018 is not a stand-alone agreement and must be used in conjunction with a master`s contract.

In addition, C422-2018 contains by reference to an existing owner-architect agreement, known as the main agreement. C422-2018 is in agreement with C421-2018, Master Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for Services under several service contracts. This document can be used with a variety of clearing methods. By using C422 plus a master`s contract, a contract called a service contract is established and includes both the terms and the level of service.