Border Agreement Between India And China Upsc

In 1913, the Anglo-Indian government convened a tripartite conference that formalized the border between India and Tibet following a discussion between Indians and Tibetans. A convention was adopted, which resulted in the demarcation of the indopled border. However, this border is disputed by China, which it calls illegal. Clashes broke out between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Pangong Tso maritime zone on the LAC. As no rounds were pulled at the Indian border to swim in Ladakh after 1962 and to avoid an escalation, these non-shooting routines were pierced in the soldiers. For Prelims: disputed areas between India and China, creation and provisions to address the management of these territories. The recent impasse and stalemate are seen as the culmination of a series of disagreements between India and China, and relations between the two sides have eased over the past two or three years. Few of them are: the border is divided and China can be divided into three sectors. Because of the different aspirations of the two nations, there is a status quo. While China`s support for border dispute settlement is contingent on the Tibet issue, India will continue to cling to the map of Tibet if border disputes are not resolved. Moreover, the evolution of the global and regional image – China`s move towards “confident regionalism,” its strengthened relations with Pakistan and its total disregard for counter-opinions on controversial issues such as the South China Sea – has only worsened the chances of a quick solution. India and China share a 3,488 km border.

Unfortunately, the whole border is controversial. The line that surrounds the border between the two countries is commonly referred to as the McMahon Line, after its author Sir Henry McMahon. The recent standoff between India and China on the Doklam Plateau, located on a tripartite cross between India, China and Bhutan, has attracted a great deal of attention. It has become the largest military stalemate between the two armies in years. There are many who even fear war. In this article, we discuss in detail the border disputes between India and China, the recent Doklam issue, various agreements between India and China and a few other issues between the two countries. China is critical of India-U.S. relations, and it is not only a coincidence that the escalation of the tripartite route coincided with the Indian Prime Minister`s visit to the United States. India is helping the United States and other countries reaffirm freedom of navigation in international waters, including the South China Sea. At the same time, the MALABAR naval exercise between India, Japan and the United States is also a matter of concern to China.