Apple And Samsung Agreement

Trucks with fresh apples arrived at Samsung`s Texas headquarters. Wooden baskets were installed in elevator benches and rest rooms, so that wherever Samsung employees took a coffee break, they were reminded of their mission – taking a bite out of Apple. There are also various restrictions in the licensing agreement, for example with regard to duration, time, territory or even production and distribution. Cost-sharing in patent management, lump sum agreements or minimum licensing fees can also be agreed. On the other hand, licensing behavior, such as delayed tactics in licensing negotiations, is still at the center of the patent process (see Info Blog: Huawei wins against Samsung) Regarding the details, the agreement between Apple and Samsung is expected to be worth about $2.59 billion and both companies are expected to maintain the agreement for at least three years. In addition, the agreement is expected for 100 million 5.5-inch OLED screens. The report does not mention that Samsung provides all 4.7-inch panels. Recently, the verdict had been reduced to $539 million for Apple. Samsung appealed earlier this month.

But the two companies reached an agreement before being tried again. However, for agreements between Apple and Samsung, cross-licensing and dynamic management of the patent portfolio are more likely. Just a few months ago, Google surprised with a patent contract with Tencent in China – we reported (Info-Blog: the agreement on fashionable patents? Google landed surprising hit with Tencent in China). Patent sharing can also be seen as a trend for patent licensing, which can benefit both licensees and licensees. It is all the more important to announce today that samsung and Apple have resolved this fundamental patent dispute. At this time, no further information is available on their agreement. A licensing agreement for mutual compliance and regulated payment of controversial patents that both smartphone manufacturers need for their products would be possible. DesignRecht, PatentRecht, Lizenzen Apple, Patentlizenz, Samsung, U.S. Court, end of litigation, end of the courts, san jose It is therefore highly anticipated what type of agreements have been concluded now between the two smartphone manufacturers and what will be the details of the agreement.